Polar Products Active Ice® 3.0 Universal 9 Quart Cold Therapy System

By: Polar Products Inc.
Polar Products’ Active Ice® 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy System is the most reliable and user-friendly therapy system on the market. The Active Ice® 3.0 System’s powerful, yet whisper-quiet pump delivers continuous cold therapy relief. The system comes standard with a digital timer and on/off switch. When turned on, the timer defaults to 30 minutes, but can be increased by 30-minute increments depending on your health care professional’s recommendation. This is a key safety feature!

Key Features:
  • Digital timer with on/off switch (Compare this to most competitors, who do not provide this feature).
  • The universal cold therapy bladder is held in place on the body with a 3” x 44” elastic and Velcro belt.
  • Powerful, whisper-quiet 12 volt, 1.5 amp pump.
  • Industry’s largest double insulated ice reservoirs with 9 and 15 quart models.
  • Automobile power adaptor and Lithium-ion battery options for convenient portability.
  • American made in Akron, OH
System Pictured Includes: 9 Quart Active Ice® 3.0 System, 5 feet of insulated tubing, digital timer, power supply and universal bladder with 3” x 34” elastic & Velcro belt. 

Additional Benefits of the Active Ice® 3.0 Cold Therapy System:

  • Specifically designed for post-surgery, when serious pain relief is required!
  • The universal bladder can be used on any part of your body that needs focused cold therapy.
  • Easy to use time and time again, simply add ice and water to the cooler.
  • High flow, dry, quick disconnect couplings allow for flexibility to relocate if needed.
  • Optional adjustable temperature flow control is available.
  • Designed for use on a variety of target body parts. 
  • Double universal therapy systems available.
  • Additional bladders and compressions wraps available.
Indication For Use:
  • Active Ice® 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy System is designed to reduce localized pain and swelling following surgical procedures or trauma.
  • Active Ice® 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy System is intended for single patient use only.
Options Available:
  • Flow Control to adjust the temperature
  • Battery Pack for portable operation
  • Power take off adapter to allow operation on the move
  • 4 Foot insulted tubing extension
Regular price $193.95