Polar Products Soft Ice Small Universal Joint Compression Wrap

By: Polar Products Inc.
Soft Ice Packs are reusable, non toxic, all natural, recyclable and biodegradable. Transfer heat out of the injured area fast. Soft Ice Packs are microwavable at a medium heat setting. When used as a heat pack, Soft Ice retains its consistency and does not become a liquid. The Soft Ice Universal Joint Compression Wraps are lightweight and comfortable. Designed to deliver maximum cold or hot therapy with a gentle, adjustable compression. The soft cotton backing absorbs moisture and helps protect the skin while the insulated outer fabric directs maximum cold and hot therapy to the body. Polar Products therapy wraps hold reusable Soft ice Packs comfortably on specific target body locations while still allowing freedom of movement. No need to hold the pack on the body. Just position over targeted area and secure with hook and loop tab closure for a snug, comfortable fit. Available in one size fits most and are available in the color black. There are three styles of universal joint compression wraps available, which are small, medium and large. Use this soft, cotton backed wrap for relief from bruises, bumps, cuts, scrapes, muscle aches, swelling, insect bites, chronic pain, post surgery recovery and much more. Store the Soft Ice pack in the freezer. Remove when needed and insert directly into the wrap. Position wrap over the targeted area and secure with elastic belts with hook and loop tab closure. Please note that Doctors typically recommend the application of cold or heat therapy not exceed 20 minutes at a time. Allow 20 minutes between applications.
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