Thera-Temp® Microwaveable Heating Pad - Moist Heat Therapy for Natural Drug Free Pain Relief

By: Polar Products Inc.
Polar Products Thera-Temp® Microwavable Heating Pad provides Moist Heat Therapy for Drug Free Natural Pain Relief, with elastic & Velcro belt. 
The Thera-Temp® Microwaveable Heating Pad offers effective therapy with the convenience of a microwave oven. Our large pad is ideal for most parts of the body including shoulders, knees, limbs, hips, and back. Thera-Temp® is designed to conform to the body, resulting in a soft, snug fit. Includes one 3” x 27” elastic & Velcro belt. Warm, Moist Pain Relief when needed, fast!
Just heat the Thera-Temp® Heating Pad in the microwave for effective drug free pain relief. Medical professionals recommend deep penetrating moist heat for the treatment of arthritis, minor muscle aches, pains and sprains. How does the Thera-Temp® Heating Pad work?
The therapy beads in every Thera-Temp® Pad capture moisture from humidity in the air, even in dry climates. When heated in a microwave, they release this retained moisture. After treatment, Thera-Temp® Pads rejuvenate themselves as the pad cools. No need to add water! With proper care, your Thera-Temp® Heating Pad will provide many years of natural, drug free pain relief.

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