Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Shoulder Wrap

By: Polar Products Inc.
Commonly prescribed for relief of chronic pain. No water needs to be added. Universal design covers the left or right shoulder. Constructed of soft fleece on the side nearest the skin and an insulated multi-ply fabric with vapor barrier on the outside to direct the moisture and heat toward the body. The wrap will stay in place while allowing freedom of movement. Available in the color black exterior with a white fleece interior.

  • THE DESIGN OF THE THERA Temp Moist Heat Shoulder Wrap makes it ideal for use on either shoulder.
  • OFFERS TEMPORARY RELIEF from arthritis and rheumatic pain, muscle strains and spasms, and more.
  • MICROWAVABLE MOIST HEAT wraps provide convenient, effective and deep-penetrating moist heat therapy.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WRAPS use therapeutic, non organic beads that collect and hold moisture from humidity in the air.
  • THE THERAPEUTIC MINERAL beads will never break down, decay, or develop an odor.
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