Ultra 8 Plantar Fasciitis Foot/Ankle Compression Sleeve

By: SureSport
The SureSport Ultra 8 Compression Foot Sleeve is the only Plantar Fasciitis foot sleeve that utilizes the latest in figure 8 compression technology. Figure 8 compression simulates taping to help increase stability of the ankle while providing greater relief and lift of the plantar fascia. The Ultra 8 Foot sleeve can be worn during regular activities, or while sleeping to help control foot pain felt first thing in the morning from plantar fasciitis.

To help keep you feeling comfortable and prevent injuries, SureSport incorporates the newest technology of graduated and zone compression into the Ultra 8 compression foot sleeve using only the highest quality materials, Cool max and Lycra. With 20-30 mmHgCompression the "figure 8" technology offers superior foot and ankle support.

Figure 8 compression provides greater overall foot support without having to tape. Helps relieve pain and provides comfort related to plantar fasciitis. Can be worn under or over socks. Maintains a natural feel that's soft, lightweight and breathable. Dries quickly.

Size (based on shoe size):
  • X-Small Women: < 7.5 Men: < 7 Small
  • Medium Women: 7.5 - 11 Men: 7 - 10.5
  • Large/X-Large Women: 11.5 Men: 11 - 14

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